The Many Ways to use our Mist Toner

The Many Ways to use our Mist Toner

Aloe Unique Torner  is an effective skincare product that can be used in a variety of different ways, to help you get the most out of it! 

Made with Aloe ferox and Witch Hazel, this super-powered product is proven to repair the skin and stimulate collagen production. While its main purpose is to restore your skin’s Ph balance and tighten pores after cleansing, our Mist Toner can also be used in a variety of ways.  

Here are some of them:

Soothe Reactive Skin Problems  

Through the help of anti-irritant, Allantoin and the fabulous healing properties of Aloe ferox, our Mist Toner can help clarify and soothe reactive skin problems like redness and itching. It’s also great at treating blemishes and shrinking the appearance of pores to leave you with a calmer and clearer skin.  

Increase Absorption of Moisturiser 

Keeping your skin’s hydration levels up is important – especially when you have dry skin. But did you know it’s possible to increase your moisturiser’s effectivity? You can do so by dampening your skin with our Mist Toner prior to applying moisturiser. This helps your skin to absorb your chosen moisturiser more effectively.  

Fix, Set and Refresh Your Makeup  

Nobody likes the appearance of dry, cakey or dull makeup. Revitalise your makeup with a quick spray of our Mist Toner. Spritzing the toner over any problematic or patchy areas will help you to blend the products out for a more natural, even and bright finish.  

Give Your Skin an Invigorating Spritz 

Because its packaging is designed for travel, you can bring our Mist Toner anywhere. Place it in your bag and every time you feel a pick-me-up, give your skin a refreshing spritz. It’s a great way to energise and rejuvenate your skin throughout the day. 


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