Welcome to Atsoko Beauty Academy

Atsoko brings you a short makeup course, enabling you to personally do your makeup and professionally. Also open up for more  young people to become entrepreneurs from this fast growing industry in the country.


Basic Training

Basic Training

A one week course that aims at introducing students to the basics of the Makeup World. In this class students gets to learn how to do simple makeup for Day / Evening looks, bridal makeup and little touchups on ‘Gele’.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training

Take your makeup skills to the next level in an advanced training with our professional tutors. In this one month class you will get to learn about professional makeup and more details in skincare  consultancy.


We began this journey since June 2018 with 8 students and since the it has been an amazing experience to us and over 200 students we have reached so far. They have have a lot of stories to tell about what inspired them and how this journey has changed their career.  We will keep this segment updated every month with new stories and events.

“I met Atsoko through an association that supports people with disabilities. I am very thankful to Atsoko for the training they gave me because it has helped me so much. So far from this training I’ve been able to employ myself.  Before I didn’t know anything about makeup but through Atsoko I have been able to do my personal makeup and professional makeup to different clients. Atsoko has been able to change me and I’ve often been eager to get to know new makeup techniques. Thank you so much Atsoko.”  Irene Wilson.

“It has always been my dream to pursue a business in beauty and cosmetics but I did not have enough money to afford to start my own business. When I heard about the opportunity that I could get sponsored by Atsoko through FINCA (microfinance bank), to join the Atsoko Beauty Academy I was happy. Through the program, I got good makeup knowledge and makeup application skills. Through the loan, I could buy products and started my mobile business and I am advertising my works through social media like Whatsapp, Instagram (damumysaloon_makeupstudio), where I got enough money to re-pay my loan. My big dream is to open my own beauty salon one day. Thank you Atsoko for the training and sponsoring, my life has changed through you.” Mariam Haruni.


Our enrollment process does not need much of your time, all we need is your personal details and for your to tell us the reason why you would like to join our course. See below to read the course outline and click on ENROLL to join.